Evil, Narcissism and the Crazy World We Live In

How many here have dealt with toxicity in their lives? I am not talking about chemicals or elements or substances I am talking about personalities and people, toxic people.

Have you ever known anyone who happens to be in your life who has a personality that just dominates ( and not in the god and kinky leather and latex and corset kind of way)? The kind of personality that just dominates and manipulates and causes you to live a life that is not your own.

In case you have wondered about my absence from DA and our hiatus of picture making and taking it is all for this reason. My husband and I are related to such a person, he grew up with such a person in his life and I married into a family with such a person  and for now logistics, geography, and reality ( and the desire to keep living in our lovely house with the awesome view and not sell it because of the proximity of a toxic family member) prevent us from escaping  from the influences of this personality in our lives and thus life is on hold and in the clutches of bitter darkness.

Toxic people, people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder are the basis of every evil character/antagonist in myth and legend and even modern film. They are as ruthless an conniving as you can imagine and yet they are far more subtle, effective, and understated than any cheeseball histrionic villain that Hollywood can come up with it. Evil is subtle, it has a way of affecting you in the public eye and insuring that nobody else feels it’s effects. Yu feel crazy after awhile and like you are the one imagining it all. This is a real tactic and psychologists call it “gaslighting” ( a term derived from “Gaslight” the1938 Patrick Hamilton play and to subsequent film adaptations which show the phenomenon very effectively) Evil is real and evil can and does consume entire lives very quietly and very efficiently.

Wondering who else has experiences with the Narcissistic Personality Disorder and what they have done to better their lives. My remedy has always been rebellion and self assertion and yet lately I feel the darkness creeping into even my usually optimistic outlooks. Lately I feel a loss of self in many ways especially the creative ones and that is scary to me. NPD is real and with the rise of social media “culture” it seems to be more prevalent and widespread these days. Wonder who else is affected. Strange times for sure………